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presented by the Srusti Art Academy, as we celebrate creativity and honor the memory of Late  Great Artists Thimmiri Narasimharao (Drawing Teacher), Yeluri Venkata Subbarao (Famous Sculpture), &  Dr.Thimmiri NareshBabu (Tollywood Art Director).  This one-day extravaganza promises a multitude of artistic activities and  Exhibitions that you wouldn’t want to miss.

1. World Record For Most Self-Portrait Painting Workshop

Date: October last week ,2023•        

  • Time: To be completed within 5:00 hours from the start, ( 30-minutes lunch break extra)  
  • Participation Requirements: Fill the Google form with complete details and submit images of 2 paintings.•        
  • Painting Specifications: Size – A3 or larger, .  Medium – Water colors, oils, acrylics, or any other medium of choice.•        
  • Artwork: Create a self-portrait using any reference.•       
  • Materials: Bring your own art materials.•       
  • Recognition: All participants receive a world record certificate and a certificate from Srusti Art Academy. Honored with a shield.•  
  • Takeaway: Artists can keep their self-portraits.

2.  Kalayajna Exhibition

Date: October last week ,2023      

•          Time: Submit paintings by 9 AM.

•          Participation Requirements: Fill the Google form with complete details.

•          Artwork: Frame 2 paintings inspired by Brahmam Kalayajna.

•          Collection: Artists should collect their paintings after the event.

•          Recognition: Each participant receives a certificate and a shield.

3.  Painting Exhibition

Date: October last week, 2023•         

  • Time: Paintings to be brought by 9 AM.  
  • Participation Requirements: Fill the Google form with complete details.•         
  • Display: Students’ paintings will be displayed on the stage. 
  • Recognition: Every participant receives a certificate and a shield.

Important Dates:  Last Date for Submission: October 10, 2023

Be a part of the Ongole Art Fest 2023, a day dedicated to artistic expression, learning, and community. Join us as we set a new world record, pay tribute to renowned artists, and celebrate the talent within and around us. We invite all artists and art enthusiasts to participate and make this event a memorable success. Your creativity knows no bounds – come, share, and inspire!

Sesha Brahmam.Y

Adviser, Contemporary Artist

Dr.Thimmiri Raveendra


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